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The Gym Movement Vision


A place providing a range of facilities designed to improve and maintain physical health and fitness.


A group of people working towards a shared aim, development or change.

'Gym Movement'

A group of people working towards the shared goal of improving physical and mental health and fitness.


This is the very base level of what The Gym Movement set out to achieve but our wider vision is so much bigger! 

It runs much deeper into the very roots of lifestyle itself, because these are the roots that shape the person you are or want to be. You can create or follow any path you desire and it will ultimately take you to your destination. However, a destination is much harder to reach when your trying to do it alone.  

Thats where we come in! We want to bring people together through our brand, our clothing and our movement to create a global community of like-minded people. Fitness can bring the most diverse group of people together under the unified goal of self improvement. People who strive for greatness in themselves and thrive off the success of others. People who want to make a difference. Because we are stronger together. 

We want to encourage a positive mindset, or what we call the commando mindset, within every member of our fitness movement, because this will change your life and the lives of those around you for the better. And for those who already have this mindset, you play an integral part in growing the movement by encouraging this in other. This way, we all grow together. 

We also envisage ethics and sustainability, in that our clothing and products are made in an ethical environment, under ethical working practices and where possible, our clothing and packaging are from a sustainable source, recycled material or are recyclable themselves.  

Our passion for change for the better is unprecedented and we want to fuel you with the same burning desire to better yourself, others around you and in-turn, the world. For more information on the aspects that drive our vision, head over to Area 45 via the link at the bottom of the page.