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The Gym Movement is a UK based fitness apparel brand, online retailer and fitness movement with a vision of building a strong global fitness community through our brand.

Created in 2019 by a serving Royal Marines Commando, The Gym Movement was formed to become more than just a gym wear brand, it was formed to become a movement... a belonging. Our ambition is not only to supply you with premium, functional and comfortable fitness apparel, but to also grow our fitness family to a global movement, with every member being as valued as the next. Why? Because we are stronger together. 

We also aim to provide new, innovative and essential fitness and lifestyle information to drive you beyond what you thought possible. The Royal Marines strive to be the best in every aspect of life through utilisation of the ‘Commando Mindset’ and if every member of The Gym Movement applies this same mindset, together we can bring about a new era of fitness and self improvement.

Some may already have this mindset. You are called ‘the 0.01%’ and to you, we encourage your support in our brand vision and the development of this mindset in others. Together we can keep pushing that 1 left.

Everyone has the ability to achieve greatness and whatever your mission, we're here to support you along the way.

Be a part of The Gym Movement. Be a part of something bigger.