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The workout boosting properties of music...and what the future holds.

Stereo, Walkman, Ipod, Iphone ….DJ?

For as long as I can remember, music has always been a part of the fitness industry. Some of my worst gym sessions were a direct result of forgetting my headphones, meaning I had to endure the terrible music that the gym had kept on loop since the day before…a playlist made up of  Adele and Michael Bublé (nothing against those artist’s, they just don’t make me want to lift any heavier).

Enter 2010! Music companies started to create workout specific albums consisting of upbeat tunes to keep you motivated during your gym sessions.
The fitness industry has blown up massively since then alongside technology that gives you the ability to create and tailor your own playlists through music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

‘Ministry Of Sound’ have taken this one step further by recently opening their own workout studio, labeling it as a ‘Fitness nightclub’. A place where you can lose yourself in the music and get stronger mentally and physically at the same time.

Gym Box in London has also changed their way of training by incorporating live DJ’s, rave style spin classes, glow sticks and neon lights into their gyms. This means you can let loose and release endorphins, all whilst building muscle and burning body fat. The use of upbeat music is already proven to boost motivation in the gym, so combining this with a live DJ, through a continuous mix, will improve your workout ten-fold! Some of the added benefits are; lifting heavier, burning more calories, strengthening your workout, giving you more focus and drive as well as putting you in a feel good mood! This list is not exhaustive but you can see why having a live workout DJ is becoming increasingly popular.

Now where do I fit into this? I’ve always had an ear for music, I’m always the mate who is passed the aux lead and the car DJ on long journeys. I began DJing a couple of years ago and soon found my niche. The Gym DJ. After finding out a new gym, local to me, were incorporating a DJ booth into the gym, I thought this would be the ideal place to start my new venture. 6 months in and a weekly slot, I’m now the resident DJ at Optimus Gym. Every Monday without fail, members are in the gym, no headphones and training harder and longer than ever before, resulting in more calories burnt and more muscle built!


Everyone knows that frustrating feeling when all the tunes you’ve queued run out mid workout or the playlist you selected is only half filled with bangers. I’ve created a combination of workout mixes lasting from 30 minutes to 1 hour, made up of tunes that are guaranteed to keep you pumped for your ENTIRE gym session!!

Check out my Instagram/Soundcloud links below for new/free workout mixes, gym motivation and dates/times of where I’ll be DJ’ing next.

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Also keep your eyes peeled for more Collab’s with The gym movement...exciting things to come!!

Now lets workout!!

The Gym DJ.

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