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The Gym Movement 10 Commandments.

Whats life without a bit of guidance? The best way to improve our lives is to take the correct guidance in the right amounts and then add it to our own knowledge and intuition to allow us to keep paving our own path. For this reason we have put together The Gym Movement 10 Commandments. It’s our very own fitness and lifestyle code of conduct to live and work by in order to give you a little bit of the right guidance in small enough amounts that you can apply them one at a time, in slow time, so these small changes gradually build up to a big difference. Why not give them a go one week at a time and see if they help you along your path to self improvement. And if your doing them already, you will know too well the benefits they have added to your life, that your on the right path and to get others on this path with you.


So. We figured the best place to start would be at the very start of every day. And this is where number 1 comes in.

1. Always make your bed. By making you bed, you have already started your day with a little success, some self-discipline and set yourself up for a better day. AND if all else fails, you will have a nice, neat bed to come home to and remind yourself that there is always tomorrow.

2. Don’t laugh at others. Guide them. Now this isn’t to say you actually laugh at others or get laughed at. But it is a crossing thought or fear when you are new to something. And this can mean any walk of life, not just in a gym or fitness club or sport. We have all felt the fear of failure and anxiety and what people will think of us when joining a gym, new club or entering a new environment. We shouldn’t have to, but it’s human nature. NOW imagine if we replaced that fear, with excitement for improvement and what people are going to teach us. The thought itself is exciting. And for those more advanced, we have all seen incorrect technique, poor form or identified an on the spot improvement that we could give to someone. Going that one further is to actually give people that advice in a kind and approachable manner, instead of thinking what are they doing? Remember, we all have all been there at some point and kindness is contagious.

3. Share your knowledge and experience. This feels like the perfect follow on from guiding people and helping them achieve their best... Because how do we guide someone?... Through our own knowledge and experience! So take that thought and use what you have gained and understand throughout your own journey to aid others in their journey AND if you don’t know yourself, you always have the ability to ask others to further your own understanding. Is there anything better than learning and improving yourself, while teaching others. It can only be a win win situation! 

4. Always put the weights back. Firstly, this is just good gym etiquette. But is will also help set the tone for other aspects of your life, showing self-discipline, organisation and consideration. It also sets the precedent for others to follow, leading by example. If everyone took a little extra time to tidy up after themselves, the gym environment would be a more pleasant and lot less frustrating place to train in. Plus, your only cheating yourself by not completing your last rep...!

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